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In an effort to get more footage of all the amazing plays Westies put together each week, we've put the telescopic hook mount downstairs in the store room for home-game use. I'm sure you've all seen used at one time or another in the past couple of years - long telescopic pole with large, white hooks at the top to go over the fences behind the goals. If you need access to the store room, please ask behind the bar.

Please do not take the mount out of the turf grounds and make sure it's returned to the store room after you've finished so other teams can use it as needed. Be aware that the poles can get quite stiff so you might need to get some muscle in there.

You'll need your own GoPro (or similar) and the basic mount that comes standard with cameras such as this in order to attach it to the hook mount. See the image. When hooking up the mount, you'll need to aim the camera down at a roughly 40° angle. Once the camera is up, if it's aimed at the penalty spot, it'll work great! You don't need to alter the angle between ends if you're moving the camera at half time.

Once you've captured some amazing goals, your camera should have split the game into several shorter clips. Please send through the clips containing the goals/plays you'd like to show off using the link at the top of the page.

We look forward to seeing the footage you come back with!

You'll need your own GoPro camera (or similar) including its housing and a basic clip mount to attach your camera - basically everything in the image above.